Located in Downtown Fremont at the corner of Capitol Avenue and State Street at the former Town Fair Shopping Center site (entrance located between 39100 State Street & 39200 State Street).

The City of Fremont, Filco Events and Akira Goods collaborate to create community space designed to enliven Downtown Fremont.

The Plaza is located along Capitol Avenue, Downtown Fremont’s key corridor connecting the Fremont Hub and Gateway Plaza, and is a short 10-minute walk from the Downtown Fremont BART Station.For more details on all the great improvements taking place downtown, please visit the downtown Fremont website here.

Though we hope to pack-the-house with a variety of activities that appeal to all, it is impossible to build every good idea into the project. But, we still need all the good ideas that we can imagine! And we will sprinkle more ideas in as the Plaza evolves. With a focus on community-engagement, TFP seeks input from interested Fremont stakeholders to help influence all stages of design, infrastructure build, and programming.

Our iterative design process relies heavily on user-feedback. We will try ideas, study what works and what does not work and will make incremental design and programming changes to the plaza over the life of the project. Everything we learn at Town
Fair Plaza will influence the future Downtown Community Center and Plaza (Phase 1 of the Civic Center project) planned for this same location.

The City works with Town Fair sites to house the future Downtown Community Center and Civic Plaza. The Town Fair buildings were removed from the site in the fall of 2017 to allow for a temporary plaza to be activated with innovative and community-based fun!